Baseball superstar Mike Trout reveals his favorite Warzone guns during MLB game

mike trout mac 10 mp5 warzoneYouTube, MLB / Activision

In an unexpected crossover between Call of Duty: Warzone and professional baseball, superstar Mike Trout told fans his Verdansk gun preferences while literally playing in an MLB match.

With pauses in the action throughout baseball games, fans and players come up with some interesting ways to pass the time. In what has become an increasingly prominent trend shared on social media, fans will often ask outfielders to answer questions by raising their left or right hands.

That was the case during a recent Los Angeles Angels game, when a boisterous fan yelled out a Warzone loadout question to eight-time All-Star and three-time AL MVP Mike Trout: “MP5, right hand — MAC-10, left hand?”

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Two of the most popular submachine gun options in Verdansk history, Trout — unbothered by the curious interruption — answered with haste. Quickly raising and wagging his left hand, Trout repped the MAC-10 and elicited a mountain of cheers from the crowd.

With fans excited to see a top-tier baseball player support a top-tier Warzone gun, the clip was quickly shared across Twitter. After being reposted by an official MLB account, Trout and fans have dived even deeper into the unexpected crossover.

While some are calling for Trout to get on Twitch, now that they know he has strong, unhesitant feelings about Warzone, the superstar is more focused on Season 3’s changing meta.

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MLB supported the call for Trout on Twitch and CoD’s official account even gave the MVP a new nickname: MAC-10 Mike. But he also got in on the action, giving a more elaborate answer for those curious about his loadout preferences.

After Warzone Season 3’s update nerfed the MAC-10, FFAR 1, and tweaked a variety of other guns — Trout’s favorite gun appears to have changed. Following in the footsteps of Warzone’s top players, the MLB legend has moved on from the MAC and now prefers the “FARA or XM4.”

Both guns are Black Ops Cold War assault rifles that tournament players have recently outfitted with submachine gun classes. If those are the types of niche weapon choices Trout is making, it’s obvious that he’s no casual when it comes to Verdansk.

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While no Twitch stream has been scheduled as of yet, it seems that fans can simply tap into MLB games to ask Trout their Warzone questions. And, considering these latest replies, that’s good to know because his advice seems useful.