NICKMERCS explains why he’s stopped playing Warzone tournaments

Daniel Megarry
NICKMERCS Call of Duty Warzone
NICKMERCS / Treyarch

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has explained why he’s been put off competing in Warzone tournaments, blaming “snakes” who use questionable methods to win.

To celebrate the new Season One update for Treyarch’s hit battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone, the popular streamer shared a YouTube video where he discussed the game’s new features, such as the Rebirth Island map and a series of new weapons.

During the video, he also shared his concerns regarding tournaments in Warzone – as well as other online battle royale games – and how they’re being overrun by people cheating or bending the rules.

“I think the tournaments have turned a page for me in this game. Everybody that plays it now… I don’t know man, it’s just a little questionable. There’s a lot of snakes in the grass. It got weird man,” he said.

Topic starts at 2:25

NICKMERCS – who recently called for fire shotguns to be removed from Warzone completely – went on to compare the situation to the tournaments that take place in Epic Games’ Fortnite: Battle Royale.

“Same thing happened to Fortnite, man. To play those tournaments, these kids have routers so they can only connect to certain locations and you get a bunch of bots in your Kill Race tournament. That’s where I’m out man, I’m not doing that sh*t,” he said.

“Fortnite was the same f***ing way. It got to a point where the whole thing was filled with… yes, sure, there’s the Aydans and the Tommeys who are undeniably incredible and they deserve all the love.

“But then there are these little f***ing snakes, they’re everywhere, and they’re cheating and they’re bullsh**ting, and it’s just not something you want to be a part of.”

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