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NICKMERCS calls for fire shotguns to be removed from Warzone completely

Published: 13/Dec/2020 12:53

by Daniel Cleary


Popular content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has called for the dragon’s breath fire shotgun attachment to be totally removed in the next Warzone season.

Despite initial delays, Warzone will soon be integrated with Black Ops Cold War, which will unlock a whole new arsenal of weapons for players to choose between in the battle royale mode.

While Warzone’s weapon meta has changed quite a bit since its release on March 10, the fire shotgun attachment has been extremely overpowered in Season 6, with the likes of the R-90 becoming a popular choice in recent months.

R-90 shotgun loadout in Warzone
Infinity Ward
The Dragon’s Breath Rounds ammo type has been controversial in Warzone.

The shotgun’s high fire rate and lasting damage can be incredibly difficult to deal with up-close, and now many players, including Twitch star NICKMERCS, have called for changes to be made to the ammunition type.


In his latest video, Nickmercs took a moment to address the issues with the weapon class in Warzone and even called upon Infinity Ward devs to make some changes ahead of Cold War’s Season One.

“The hope is that a lot of these guns in Warzone right now are going to get nerfed,” he explained, pointing out the semi-auto shotgun in particular, “the big hope is the R90 goes bye-bye!”

But NICKMERCS claimed that a nerf would not even be enough to fix the issue, adding, “It can’t just be an R9 nerf, they nerf the R9 and everyone goes back to the Origin. It needs to be a dragon breath nerf: take it out.”


“Shotguns are already something else, you put a little fire on every shell and it turns into a whole nother thing,” the content creator revealed.

As of now, it is unclear if Infinity Ward has any intentions of removing the dragon’s breath attachment or even nerfing the ammunition type ahead of Cold War’s Season One.

While no changes have been confirmed, the new Cold War weapons, which are expected to be added on December 16, could be enough to shake up the meta in Warzone.