NICKMERCS claims Warzone made streamers quit because it’s too “demanding”

Connor Bennett
NICKMERCS on Caldera in WarzoneNICKMERCS/Activision

Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has suggested that some streamers have walked away from Warzone as it’s too “demanding” on the hands, especially if you use a controller.

For years, Call of Duty players have been pushing the boundaries of the yearly releases to try and get a leg up on their opposition – be it through gun builds and the movement.

The latter has been a hot topic across CoD, especially in regards to Warzone, as players who are able to slide cancel – allowing them to keep their tactical sprint up for as long as possible – lets them get a speed boost.

This, as we’ve seen, can cause injuries – especially if you’re a controller player – and in the case of NICKMERCS, he believes it is a big reason why some streamers have quit the battle royale title and genre.

NICKMERCS explains why Warzone is so “demanding”

In his aptly named “why streamers quit Warzone” video from September 12, the FaZe Clan star suggested that the Call of Duty battle royale has one big difference from its rivals.

That difference being the stress it puts on your hands, especially as a controller player, because of how much work you have to do.

“I’ll tell you what bro, Apex, CoD, Fortnite… this f**king game is so demanding man, you’ve just got constantly crouch, slide, and spam,” Nick said. Former Call of Duty world champion Tyler ‘Teepee’ Polchow agreed with his take too, chiming in with a quick “yeah, seriously,” before the team moved on.

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As we’ve seen with the competitive side of things in the Call of Duty League, there have been a number of injuries caused and inflamed by slide canceling – hampering the players ability to fight on a level playing field.

Even if the mechanics were removed from Call of Duty and the subsequent Warzone 2, it’s still going to be something that pops up in time-to-time. It’s just the name of the game at this point.