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Black Ops Cold War actress stuns in “Handler” Helen Park cosplay

Published: 5/Mar/2021 21:04

by Tanner Pierce


The actress for Black Ops Cold War’s character Helen Park, who became a fan-favorite after appearing in the game’s campaign, has cosplayed as the character herself – and, as you might expect, it’s just about as accurate as a cosplay could be to its original inspiration.

When Black Ops Cold War first launched and players played through the game’s story, the character of Helen Park – the former M16 operative who helps Russel Adler and his team stop Perseus – quickly became a favorite among fans.

Actress Lily Cowles, who plays the character, has shown her affinity for Park ever since she was announced to portray her back in August 2020. Now, it seems like she’s showing her love for role in a whole new way.


Helen Park was a fan-favorite character from Black Ops Cold War’s story.

Over on Instagram, Cowles posted a near-perfect cosplay of the character – and considering the actress’s own facial model was used for Park when Treyarch/Raven were making the game, it’s easy to understand why it looks so accurate.

That being said, fans who only played Black Ops Cold War’s story might be a bit confused by the cosplay, as it’s not inspired by her standard look.

Instead, the cosplay in question is inspired by the “Handler” Park skin, which was previously available to purchase within Black Ops Cold War’s item shop. It’s a bit of a different design compared to the standard Park outfit, featuring a tie, blonde hair, jeans, and a brown leather jacket.



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The cosplay itself was originally posted to the actress’s Instagram a few weeks back in February 2021, but a recent post on the Black Ops Cold War Reddit got over 800 upvotes, so it’s clear that many people hadn’t seen it yet.

All in all, it’s pretty cool to see Cowles cosplay as Park, especially considering how easy it would have been. Here’s hoping more voice and video game actors do something similar in the future.