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Aydan & Almond help set unbreakable Warzone world quads record

Published: 5/Mar/2021 19:30

by Theo Salaun


Blessed with a godsend of a Warzone lobby, Aydan and Almond set a new, legitimately unbreakable Quads record during a 2v2 wager against Newbz and ScummN: 162 kills.

What happens when four of the best players to touch Warzone end up in a Bronze I lobby? If you’re Aydan, Almond, Newbz and ScummN playing each other with money on the line, then 162 kills happens.

While just about 150 players drop into Verdansk normally, this quartet managed to call upon the spirits of buy-backs and Gulag wins to kill everyone and everything in Verdansk, some multiple times. The previous world record was an insane 143 kills and set back in January, but this group somehow managed to get 19 more.


Split into pairs for a 2v2 wager, betting gifted subs, Aydan and Almond raced against Newbz and ScummN to get the most kills in the lobby. By the end, though, the group started to realize that playing against each other was less important than teaming up to secure as many kills as possible.

In 2v2 wagers, pace is the most important part of the game. As such, it should be no surprise that each pair blitzed toward the finish line, racking up kill after kill. In around 10 hours of streaming, the group managed to get a rare Bronze lobby, and they took full advantage of it.


Practically every world record is set in a lucky bot lobby, but few can manage to keep up the speed these four required to hit 162. Eventually, with Aydan and Almond already sitting on 40-plus kills each, the duos decided their wager was done and it was time to start working together.

Rocking AUGs, popping UAVs and dropping bags of money hoping enemies would revive their teammates for more victims, the group blended Verdansk up in an unprecedented fashion. 

As Aydan mentioned in his tweet, this record is unlikely to ever be broken. ScummN, who was part of that previous 143 record, helped prove that fact — as he was in utter disbelief at the number their squad put up.


Consistently thanking the lobby gods for such a gift, the quartet did what they could with the hand they were dealt. And what they could just so happened to be an absurd 162 kills.

Of course, the team knew VPN accusations and the like would fly, so Almond made sure to remind haters that this was an exceptional gift of a lobby after hours spent dealing with Diamond competition.