Warzone leak gives more details about new Season 3 weapons


A recent leak has detailed three new weapons that might be coming to Warzone and Black Ops Cold War in the near future, more than likely during Season 3, including the previously leaked ballistic knife and two other weapons.

Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War & Warzone is set to start on April 22, and while there have been a plethora of leaks surrounding the content coming, nothing concrete has been confirmed by Treyarch, Raven, or anyone working on the new season.

Despite the lack of confirmation, dataminers have been leaking anything they can find relating to the seasons. Now, we may know some more details about the weapons coming during the S3 update, or at least more than what we knew previously.

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According to reliable Call of Duty leaker ZestyCODLeaks on Twitter, three new weapon files were added to Warzone during the game’s midseason update. The leaker then says that in their current state, these files are what gets added to the game shortly before their final release, lending credence to the fact that they’ll be coming as a part of Season 3.

Two of the new weapons added are labeled “ar_t9fastburst” and “sm_t9spray”. Of course, these two codenames won’t be the actual names of the weapons added but they might give us some insight as to what they’ll do or how they’ll behave.

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The first seems to be a burst assault rifle with that has a “fast” rate of fire, and the second one coule be an SMG, although it’s unknown what “spray” could exactly mean.

The leak also gives further confirmation that the ballistic knife will be coming during the season, as it’s also featured in the new files. This weapon was previously leaked a few weeks back but at the time it wasn’t clear if it was coming during Season 3.

With the release of the new season quickly approaching, fans will almost certainly start hearing details about the content update soon, with the full patch notes dropping the day before its release.

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