Nadia rejects Censor’s ‘proposal’ after hacking claims

NADIAKAMINE | Instagram/Censor | YouTube

At the end of a video where Censor discussed hacking accusations toward Nadia, he ended it with a proposal. One that Nadia promptly rejected.

Nadia is one of the biggest streamers in Warzone. That fame has come with many accusations that she’s cheating at the game – accusations that she’s responded to and gone out of her way to disprove.

Censor threatened to expose her for cheating at Warzone, and said he’d be releasing a video focusing on Nadia.

That video has come and gone. However, the drama continues, even after Censor’s video talking about whether or not Nadia’s cheating was released. He doesn’t draw a conclusion on the matter, but the video does conclude in an unexpected way.

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Censor ‘proposed’ to Nadia at the end, which she very quickly shot down.

Censor got shot down by Nadia

After talking about the Nadia hacking accusations and not saying anything either way as to whether or not she’s actually cheating at Call of Duty, Censor ended the video with a proposal.

We’re not talking a normal proposal here, either. He had a ring ready to go.

Going out shirtless with a blazer was certainly a look, but it didn’t win Nadia over. While this is clearly a joke, Nadia wasn’t messing around when denying his proposal.

In a subtweet that shortly followed the release of Censor’s video, she had this to say:

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Censor’s proposal didn’t go over too well with Nadia.

At the end of all this, we don’t know any more about whether or not Nadia’s actually been cheating at Warzone. The accusations began following her appearance at a COD LAN event.

This LAN setup forced her to play away from home, meaning that she’d be away from whatever she could have at home that may have been used to make her artificially better at the game.

Nadia responded by showing her setup at home and explaining what went wrong at the LAN event that made her play poorly.

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