Nadia pops off on toxic Warzone teammate after being told to “abort herself”

nadia in youtube videoYouTube: Nadia

Warzone streamer Nadia absolutely laid into one of her random teammates on Rebirth Island when the mystery girl said she should “abort herself.”

Nadia has received more than her fair share of hate online in recent months, with a litany of hacking accusations levied against her by notable names in the Warzone scene.

Most recently, many believed that former Call of Duty pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin was ready to expose Nadia’s cheating, after someone developed a software to find CoD: Vanguard ranked hackers by searching their names in a database of a popular cheat provider.

What ensued was actually a proposal from Censor, ring and all, and many of Nadia’s critics were left disappointed once again that no evidence had been provided.

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Usually, Nadia doesn’t have the opportunity to respond to her harshest critics, so when one of them piped up in-game, she didn’t hold back.

When the random teammate told her to “abort herself” mid-game, Nadia retorted with an almost never-ending torrent of roasts, leaving no doubt that she had got the better of the abusive teammate.

“Yo, who the f**k you talking to with your one kill, little b*tch-ass motherf**ker?” she said. “Shut the f**k up. Shut your dumb ass up b*tch. 360 damage? Shut your dumb ass up, b*tch.”

Nadia went on, saying that the player “sucks” and is “f**king ass,” not letting them get a single response in, even calling her a “dogwater smelling ass b*tch.”

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She went on to say that “BadBoy Beaman ain’t going to f**k you,” implying the other girl was one of those who believe that she’s hacking.

It goes without saying that Nadia had a lot to get off her chest, and you definitely shouldn’t get on the wrong side of her.