Nadeshot reveals “rift” between 100 Thieves Warzone pros Tommey & Rated

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Trouble in 100 Thieves Warzone? According to Nadeshot, his top pros Tommey and Rated have recently begun “chirping” at each other and he wants them to go ahead and squash the beef.

Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag pushed the Call of Duty: Warzone scene forward when he signed Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren onto 100T as a Warzone player. Then, he maintained that momentum by adding Tommey’s duo, Rhys ‘Rated’ Price.

Soon after their additions, the duo of former CDL pros amicably split off with other teammates — Rated joining Aydan and Tommey joining Almond. That was all well and good, with each winning a number of tournaments for the 100T banner, until recent drama unfolded.

As Nadeshot mentioned on the OpTic Preshow, Tommey and Rated seem to be at odds recently. While nothing unnaturally explosive, the 100T founder did elaborate about the drama and explain that he wants it resolved.

(For mobile users, segment begins at 40:22)

“Tommey and Rated are having a little bit of a rift as well, they’ve been chirping at each other. We’ve got to nip that in the bud.” As Nadeshot explained, there’s been some spice between his two star Verdansk slayers.

Likening the beef to “old-school Call of Duty online tournaments,” the 100T founder proceeds to put on an English accent (or some version of one) and explain the dispute in Tommey’s voice.

Essentially, coupling on context from Twitter, the drama centered on Rated and Tommey meeting in the Grand Finals of a tournament, which interfered with the schedule for another tournament (WarzoneMania) that Tommey was supposed to participate in. Rated was unwilling to reschedule and essentially forced a forfeit. 

As the tweets from Tommey and Rated show, this dispute was ultimately a messy one surrounding scheduling and time concerns. It’s very likely that Tommey reached out to Nadeshot in a particularly heated moment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s real bad blood.

As for diving into the details of who was right and who was wrong in the interaction, we’ll leave that up to Nade.