Nadeshot explains why he is “optimistic” about Modern Warfare 3

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Leaks suggest the next Call of Duty mainline entry will be Modern Warfare 3, and Nadeshot expressed optimism.

On May 11, Insider Gaming reported that Call of Duty 2023 is called Modern Warfare 3. The game reportedly started as a premium DLC but instead morphed into a full game with content carrying over.

All signs point toward Sledgehammer Games leading the charge on a project featuring the continuation of MW2’s story, new multiplayer content, and more. The studio most recently worked on COD Vanguard with other projects, including World War II and Advanced Warfare.

Nadeshot caught wind of the leaks and explained why Sledgehammer Games is the right team to create the next game.

Will Modern Warfare 3 be a good game?

During an episode of the 100 Thieves Podcast, Nadeshot Know’s, Nadeshot talked about his thoughts on Warzone 2 Ranked and what its early success could mean for Modern Warfare 3.

“I think they have some kinks to work out, but with Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer is developing that,” Nadeshot commented. “As long as they continue to build off what they created with Ranked Play, I think it will bring some people back, and retention will be much better.”

Nadeshot also looked back on Sledgehammer’s body of work and argued it’s a good sign for Modern Warfare 3.

“MW3 will be interesting to see what they do with Sledgehammer,” he said. “They caught a lot of flack for what they did with World War 2, but AW was a good game.”

Some COD community members have been critical of Infinity Ward’s handling of gameplay mechanics in MW2, but Nadeshot actually came to the defense of the devs.

“I think Sledgehammer is probably the most comparable in my mind when it comes to gunplay and the feeling of the fluidity of what you get with Infinity Ward, and I don’t think Activision is going to let them take too far of a departure from what Infinity Ward has built with MW2 because the core gameplay is actually really fun.”

The former Call of Duty pro concluded his thoughts by expressing excitement over the next COD game.

“And that’s always been the case with Infinity Ward, so I’m optimistic for MW3.”

As for when fans can get their hands on Modern Warfare 3, Insider Gaming reported that the game will launch on November 10, with a reveal trailer coming in August.

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