MW3 players worried “underpowered” SMGs already need another buff

Connor Bennett

Modern Warfare 3 players believe that some weapons are far too “underpowered” in-game as assault rifles are dominating in every single mode. 

When Modern Warfare 3 was first revealed, plenty of longtime Call of Duty fans were hit with some serious nostalgia – especially on the multiplayer side of things.

While there are a host of new mechanics and features, all of the maps in multiplayer are from Modern Warfare 2 (2009), and the weapons are also a bit of a throwback. Sure, the MCW isn’t called the ACR anymore, but we all still know what it actually is. 

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However, those weapons have created a fair few problems in the early knockings on MW3’s cycle. The armory unlocks to get them have been lambasted by players, and now they’re worried that guns that aren’t assault rifles are actually pretty worthless and even “underpowered.”

MW3 players claim weapons are “underpowered” compared to ARs

That’s right, a number of players have been complaining about the strength of the weapons in MW3, claiming that assault rifles are, by far and away, the only options if you really want to compete. 

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“Genuinely, what’s the point of using any other weapon class than ARs?” asked Redditor the_dark_kitty. “I see no point in using any other weapon class, outside of challenges or the camo grind. You’re just always at a disadvantage, so why bother?”

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Others, like _-DC-, agreed and pointed to SMGs in particular being “underpowered” right now. “I always do SMGs first when I camo grind ’cause they’re usually my most used weapon type. but in this game, they’re an absolute slog fest. Like except for the WSP-9 they all feel like Peashooters. It feels like they aren’t balanced to the new health,” they said

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“Just finished Interstellar and I thought all classes felt underpowered compared to ARs,” added another player. “Working on the weekly challenges for SMGs this week has made me realize really quickly how underpowered they are,” another agreed. 

The recent November 21 patch for MW3 was meant to buff SMGs, but it appears some players still aren’t happy with how they’re performing. 

It may take at least another update for them to be in a decent spot, but that might not happen until December when the integration with Warzone happens.

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