Modern Warfare 3 players baffled as top assault rifle gets another unnecessary buff

John Esposito
Ghost skin in Modern Warfare 3 standing on stairs aiming gun at enemy

April 9’s Modern Warfare 3 patch saw the SVA 545 receive a large buff, and fans are confused as to why the assault rifle continues to receive more attention.

When Modern Warfare 3 arrived back in November, it was clear the assault rifle class was stacked with heavy hitters. Weapons like the MCW, DG-56, and Holger 556 tore through the competition, but of course, a series of nerfs deployed, bringing them back down to reality very quickly.

However, the SVA 545 suffered a different fate; the gun was relatively weak at launch, but a series of patches steadily raised its potential. The latest patch on April 9, a week after Season 3 arrived, saw a massive buff to the weapon’s damage ranges.

These changes appeared out of left field, and with plenty of other weapons begging for attention, MW3 players are wondering what prompted the surprise buff to the SVA 545.

“Why do they keep buffing the SVA? Lol, the gun is really not weak by any means,” one player posted to the Modern Warfare 3 subreddit. They continued that the buff doesn’t make any sense, while also referencing how the MW2 weapons still could use a ton of support, while the Renneti pistol is wreaking havoc in lobbies.

Players reacted accordingly to the post, especially regarding the shout to MW2’s weapons. “Buff the Crossbow,” one player said. OP suggested that all of MW2’s marksman and battle rifles receive buffs.

Others reiterated the usual balance and nerf seesaw, as they said a nerf would probably come soon to adjust the weapon.

MW2 weapons in Modern Warfare 3 have been a pain point for the community since most of the weapons have been rendered near useless due to the difference in design choices between the developers.

Sledgehammer Games has done some tinkering with MW2’s arsenal per each major patch, but there’s only so much that can be done to redo a year’s worth of design philosophy.