Popular MW3 mode “unplayable” as one weapon dominates & it’s getting worse

Connor Bennett
Modern Warfare 3 character firing LMG near downed plane

Modern Warfare 3 players are furious with grenade launchers ruining a popular mode, and it looks like things might get worse in future seasons.  

Over the last few months, MW3 players have complained about a number of weapons – especially those they consider to be a bit broken. That’s included the likes of the MTZ Interceptor, Longbow, and Ram-7, as they’ve all dominated in multiplayer and Warzone. 

Those weapons have all been nerfed at one point or another, but those changes always leave a gap for something else to take hold. And, most recently, the grenade launcher – the RGL-80 – has been filling that space, especially in Hardcore game modes. 

Hardcore fans have complained about the launcher ruining lobbies, especially in Search and Destroy, as the start of games just becomes a spam fest of missiles. Yet, things look like they’re going to get worse in Season 4. 

MW3’s Grenade Launcher has leaked part that will buff it

While players have called for nerfs to grenade launcher because of how “annoying” they’ve made Hardcore in particular, leakers have found an Aftermarket Part for it. 

The Aftermarket Part, which doesn’t have a name yet, appears to allow the launcher to fire different projectiles, including Drill Charges, Semtex Grenades, and an airburst grenade that would explode, well, in the air, above enemies. There is also a slug attachment, making the launcher similar to a shotgun.

“Using a six shot drill charge as a secondary in Warzone is gonna be hilarious,” one player said. “No one asked for this lmao,” another added. “The game’s decision-makers are clearly out of step with the players,” commented another.

Some players added that hardcore multiplayer lobbies are already “unplayable” thanks to the grenade launcher and would be completely “cooked” if the leaked part comes to fruition. 

We’ll have to wait and see if the launcher is nerfed in future updates too, as it’s clearly annoying players in its current state – never mind with a buff.

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