MW3 players feel the campaign is just “Warzone with cutscenes”

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MW3 players feel the campaign is just “Warzone with cutscenes”Activision

MW3 players are getting their hands on the early access campaign, and their initial reactions are less than stellar.

Modern Warfare 2019 faced a tall task when it arrived, as it had to follow in the footsteps of the legendary trio of titles that made Call of Duty what it is today.

While its landing left much to be desired amongst the multiplayer community, fan sentiment was high on the campaign. It reintroduced many of the Modern Warfare trilogy’s most iconic characters in a new light and set MW3 up for massive stakes.

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Now that players are getting their hands on the campaign via early access, it seems the hype has all but died out, with initial reactions less than pleased.

MW3 early access players react to the campaign

With MW3, Sledgehammer Games aimed for something a bit different with its campaign offering. This entry introduces “Open Combat Missions” which are missions that provide players with immense freedom on how they want to complete their objective.

However, after getting their hands on it, it seems some players aren’t fans of MW3’s approach to its campaign. Initial reactions have flooded the MW3 Reddit, where one player stated: “This campaign is basically Warzone with cutscenes.”

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They went on to elaborate: “The first mission starts off as your usual Cod campaign, something feels off though, the missions after that have been awful, this game just screams that it was thrown together at last minute just so they could charge full price.”

One ire that has originated since Warzone’s arrival back in 2020 has been the fact the developers have tried to tie it into the core CoD experience. For example, Modern Warfare II’s narrative expanded with every new season of content. If you don’t play Warzone, you’ll miss out on some lore before the next title.

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MW3 takes the Warzone tie-in a step further, with the Open Combat Missions playing out just like a match of Warzone, as one player reflected.

On the other hand, plenty of fans shared praise for the campaign’s unique approach to the linear formula the series has embraced. The good news is there’s only a handful of these missions, so it does eventually go back to its linear roots.

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