MW3 fans praise game’s original maps as “huge step up” from MW2

Shane Black
MW3 Departures

MW3 fans are taking to social media to praise the devs for the new maps they’ve released in the game, saying they’re a great improvement on previous games.

Every season of MW3 is poised to bring with it a slew of new content for players to enjoy and dive into.

Almost always, that new content includes a handful of new maps that offer new scenery and environments for people to play in.

For MW3, the community is very happy with these new maps and are praising the devs on social media as a result.

MW3 fans are loving new maps

MW3 Stash House

The praise came on the MW3 subreddit in a post titled: “Is it just me that really likes the new maps they’ve added?”

The poster excludes Greece, but goes on to say that every other map that has come out with the game has been great and some become their favorites.

“They’re a huge step up from crap like Black Gold or that Lighthouse map we got in MW2.”

Largely, the MW3 community is in agreement with them, with many voicing their happiness about how Sledgehammer Games have designed their original maps in the game.

“I really like all the new maps they’ve added so far, which is rare! They’re a good mix of sizes and looks… even if they are all sunny. MWII season maps SUCKED in comparison.”

One user even goes so far as to say that Departure is a better version of Terminal, which has been a fan-favorite for over a decade.

Some even take the time to say that Sledgehammer has always had a great talent for designing multiplayer maps:

“Even with some of the problems I had with Vanguard the maps were overall really fun, I rate SHG as just below Treyarch in map design.”

Many view it as a sign of a really good batch of content for MW3’s Season 2, which has quickly gained some goodwill from players, save for the Zombies community.

The CoD community is known for its vocal criticisms when they don’t like something in the game, so to see a good amount being vocal about the opposite is a good sign for the devs.

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