Modern Warfare 3 players split over “annoying” altered maps

Connor Bennett
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Modern Warfare 3 players have been left split over the altered version of maps in multiplayer, with some fans calling them far too “annoying” compared to the originals. 

When Modern Warfare 3 first launched, the multiplayer side of things was essentially a remake of the 2009 classic, Modern Warfare 2. All the iconic maps made a return – including Terminal, Favela, and Highrise – while some of the most-loved weapons in the franchise returned as well, just with different names. 

Over time, things have changed a little bit, so it isn’t just a remake of the original MW2. Brand-new maps have been added to the mix with the seasonal updates, and there have also been fresh weapons as well. 

On the map front, some of the iconic MW2 maps have been given ‘altered’ versions, which involve visual changes rather than massive updates to the layout of the map. 

These alternative versions of the maps have split some players, with many of them labeling the maps as “annoying” to play now. “Does anyone even like the altered versions?” Redditor MatsuFI asked. 

“No. They look good on paper, but all the visual clutter is just annoying while actually playing,” answered one. “The Terminal one is so annoying because of the constant buzzing,” another replied. 

Other players believe that there are some good options when it comes to the altered maps, though. “Some are better than others,” one argued. “The scrapyard one is pretty vibey,” another agreed. 

“They’re cool, but I don’t like them being in regular rotation, they bloat the map pool too much,” one player added. 

The altered maps are, ultimately, just a fresh lick of paint for a location that everyone has grown accustomed to playing. Some brand-new maps, alongside the lines of Rio and Meat, would very much be welcomed – and that’s exactly what we’re getting in Season 4 with Tokyo and Paris. So, long may it continue.