MW3 players ‘bored’ with iconic maps still being popular

Connor Bennett
MW3 Season 2

Modern Warfare 3 players are still ‘bored’ with some of the most iconic maps in CoD history and wouldn’t mind seeing the rotations change in the near future. 

Over the last few years, there have been plenty of calls from Call of Duty players for a game that takes the best parts of previous titles and puts them under one umbrella. 

For some, those calls were answered with the release of Modern Warfare 3 in 2023. Not only does it continue the soft reboot of the Modern Warfare series, but the multiplayer side of the game takes a lot from the original Modern Warfare 2. 

Maps like Terminal, Favela, Highrise, and Skidrow are back, and while iconic guns like the ACR and Intervention aren’t, there are carbon copies. It’s the maps that have caused some annoyance, however, as some players are ‘bored’ with some of the most recognizable battlegrounds.

MW3 players still annoyed by Terminal in multiplayer

Despite the nostalgia, plenty of players are annoyed with the likes of Terminal still being a staple in multiplayer. “It’s one of the worst maps in rotation and encourages camping and an incredibly boring and monotonous style of play. Every game is exactly the same,” one player opined. 

“It’s no OG Terminal. The new one is a head-glitch simulator. Always someone behind a f**king counter lol,” another added. “Terminal doesn’t play like it used too it’s honestly my least favorite map,” agreed another. 

“The movement in the original mw2 from 2009 was slower paced so the map played differently. Terminal now is just holding sight lines. Similar to high rise imo,” commented another. 

Some players raised concerns about Estate, Derail, and Wasteland too, claiming they play completely differently to the original MW2. 

The devs have already added some of their own maps for MW3, including Rio and Meat, but players clearly want more.

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