Modern Warfare 3 players want Cold War map feature to fix “loathed” maps

Jacob Hale
Derail map with Modern Warfare 3 logo

Modern Warfare 3 players have called for developers Sledgehammer Games to make some interesting changes to some of the less popular maps in the game, borrowing an idea from 2021’s Black Ops Cold War.

Modern Warfare 3 dropped with all 16 classic MW2 2009 maps, that players loved back in the day and have been frequently regarded as some of the best in Call of Duty history.

That said, some players did find they got stale fairly quickly, though the DLC maps so far have been fairly well received.

Now, though, some players believe there’s an even better way to keep the old classic maps feeling fresh, and it might just be a genius idea.

‘Strike’ maps in Modern Warfare 3

Those who played Cold War will remember the ‘Strike’ maps in the game, such as Miami Strike, which is basically just a version of the map that is made smaller, cutting off some of the more open spaces and condensing the combat, making things faster-paced and more frenetic.

Now, players believe this could be implemented into Modern Warfare 3 with maps like Derail, which is one that some have struggled to really enjoy as much as the likes of Favela, Skidrow, and others.

“I feel that this map is universally loathed by all but if they did what they did to the original Miami in Cold War it might make it more enjoyable for all,” suggested emphat1c1 on Reddit. “Get rid of like 30%-40% of the fluff and it could really be a decent map.”

It would be interesting to see what this could look like on other bigger maps such as Underpass or Wasteland, as well as Derail, and could add a layer of fun where some players might skip lobbies with these maps.

Not everybody was in agreement with the idea, with some players explaining that they prefer to have bigger spaces sometimes to break up the fast-paced action that is evident in most other maps, and that’s definitely a reasonable opinion.

Whether this is something Sledgehammer Games consider remains to be seen, but it’s certainly plausible.

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