MW3 players admit OG MW2 maps have lost their nostalgia factor

John Esposito
Highrise in Modern Warfare 3

MW2’s OG maps have lost their nostalgia grip on the player base, with players sharing their growing dislike of MW3’s map pool.

Headed into MW3, much of the hype was centered on undoing design choices the rebooted Modern Warfare series created. The fact that players could experience a more arcade style of CoD on all 16 of the maps from 2009’s MW2 was just the icing on the cake.

Yet shortly after MW3’s arrival, the maps faced immense criticism from all angles, as they haven’t held up as much as many had hoped. For example, Rust was blasted for being a “piece of sh*t map,” although the constant spawn issues probably factored into their hatred.

As the months have passed, players have come to acknowledge the nostalgia tied to 2009’s map pool has severely died down. 

“After putting a considerable amount of time into the MP this year, I can definitively say that the nostalgia for the OG MW2 maps has worn off,” MW3 player Ic3nfir3 shared to Reddit. Before sharing hype for Black Ops 6, they continued: “Outside of a small few, I dislike the majority of the maps that I used to enjoy.”

modern warfare 3 rust

As mentioned, spawn logic like Rust’s noticeably soured the community’s reception of these maps. Many comments reflected that, with “absurd spawn traps,” one key complaint that has seemingly gone unaddressed.

On the other hand, many were quick to acknowledge the flow of MW3 is different than it was compared to 2009. With Tac Sprinting and increased movement options, the tempo is incredibly fast, forcing players to use different playstyles.

“I think the movement really changed the flow of the maps. You’re able to mantle into so many places that create shortcuts,” one player said, while another added that 2009’s formula doesn’t match the “modern dumpster fire version of CoD.”

That said, Black Ops 6 is on the horizon, meaning fans will have a new map pool to experience.