Old-school CoD players want camping back

Old-school CoD players want camping backActivision

MW3’s movement clips have enraged many of the game’s passive players, as many are clamoring for the return of the camping days.

It’s been 16 years since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare exploded onto the gaming scene, setting the standard for FPS gaming for years to come. We’ve seen many games try to copy CoD‘s formula, but few have lasted as long as the FPS juggernaut.

Since 2007, it’s safe to say multiplayer gaming has shifted a bit, as movement mechanics have evolved and gameplay formulas have changed to cater to faster playstyles. The recent Modern Warfare series has been a perfect example of that sentiment, as Infinity Ward’s design philosophy focused on a slower, more punishing pace of play.

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MW3‘s arrival has flipped the script on that slower play style, leaving some fans upset and begging for a return to the days of old.

CoD players rip movement clips and want a return to “camping”

The crux of this argument originated from Twitter/X user AgentOThom, as they said: “Absolutely despise multiplayer games now me. Can’t be arsed with how fast paced everything is now. What happened to camping,” in a quoted response to a player clip.

In the clip, the player soared through Terminal with ease, as they melted foes with the Rival-9 and racked up an impressive killstreak.

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Usually, this type of response would garner a lot of traction for the opposite reason. Typically, players would flock to the replies and rip apart whoever shared this opinion. However, the replies were actually civil, as fellow CoD players shared their thoughts on what gaming has become.

“Sitting in a window with both entrances claymored up. Good times,” one user replied.

Another replied. “Just don’t understand how this can possibly be fun like. Feels like I’ve caught epilepsy just watching it.”

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A third user shared: “The little 5-year-olds don’t have the attention span to camp these days. The art of spending 90% of a game watching a door is dead.”

Unfortunately for these players, CoD and many other titles will continue to shy away from the days of old, as the next generation of gamers look for faster games to hold them over.

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