CoD players claim fan-favorite classic MW2 map is as bad as Gustav Cannon

Shay Robson
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Modern Warfare 3 players are claiming that the fan-favorite classic MW2 map Rust is “awful” and is on level with the infamous Gustav Cannon map from WW2.

Surprisingly, Modern Warfare 3′s maps have come under a ton of criticism since the game’s launch. Despite bringing back the classic maps we’ve come to love and cherish for their nostalgia, feelings haven’t remained positive.

Since the game’s release, many have heavily criticized the OG maps for various reasons. However, players are now claiming that fan-favorite map Rust is up there with one of CoD’s most infamous map.

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MW3 player claims Rust is worse than WW2’s Gustav Cannon

In a Reddit post on February 11, one MW3 player claimed that Rust is actually an “awful” map, going as far as to say it’s on par with the notorious Gustav Cannon map from WW2 — one of the franchise’s most hated maps.

“Rust is truly an awful map and I have no idea why everybody liked it back then,” the post read. “It’s essentially a much smaller version of Gustav Cannon from WW2.”

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Not only that, the player went on to clarify that it’s not just Rust, explaining they feel that the majority of the classic maps in Modern Warfare 3 play terribly.

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They added: “Honestly, almost all of the OG MW2 maps are sh*t in MW3. I loved the original one but they just play like sh*t in this game for some reason. I completely avoid quick play because of it.”

In the replies, it appears others feel the same way. However, some players gave some insight as to why, explaining that the original MW2 maps aren’t designed for the game today.

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“MW3’s movement makes the game really fast-paced so its really chaotic in Rust. MW2 had slower movement,” said one.

“Rust was only available in FFA and TDM back in the day,” another clarified. “People never had to deal with chaotic objective modes.”

Nevertheless, while it looks like players aren’t huge fans of the classic maps we loved years ago, it appears the devs are taking a step in the right direction. The newest maps released with Season 2 have been praised highly as a “huge step up” from previous games.

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