MW3 players call for return of fan-favorite modes after going missing for years

Connor Bennett
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Modern Warfare 3 players are urging the devs to bring back some fan-favorite multiplayer modes that have been missing from Call of Duty games for a few years. 

When it comes to playing Call of Duty multiplayer, everyone has their favorite modes. Some are Team Deathmatch lovers, others just grind Search and Destroy, and you’ll finally plenty of others sprinting from hill to hill in Hardpoint. 

Over the years, the multiplayer side of CoD has expanded massively beyond those selections, as the developers have started rotating playlists in and out every week. This has caused some annoyances for players, especially when popular ones disappear without any prior mention

However, they’ve now started campaigning for some party modes to return, especially ones that have been missing for a few release cycles now. 

CoD fans want fan-favorite party modes back in Modern Warfare 3

That’s right, if you’ve missed the likes of Prop Hunt, Sticks and Stones, and even Infected, you’re not the only one. Plenty of CoD players have been urging the devs to get a few of these back, just to give Modern Warfare 3 a bit more variety for casuals. 

“Prop Hunt is one of my favorite modes but I have to download WW2 to play Prop Hunt or Cold War. Plz bring it back I know I’m not alone on this!” said one fan, who urged others to back their call. 

“Prop Hunt was amazing. I’m hopeful the next cod game will make better use of it,” said one. “I miss Prop Hunt. And the giant gas station marquee,” another added. “Bring back Sticks and Stones!!!!!” commented another. “Double Agent was amazing as well.”

It’s difficult to say if the party modes will be added back at any point, especially as they’ve been missing since Black Ops Cold War – which was released back in 2020. 

However, it’s clear that there is an appetite for their return, so it is on the devs to make it happen.

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