MW2 players slam “embarrassing” exclusion of Gunfight in Season 2

Warzone 2 operators in a gunfight.Activision

Call of Duty insider CharlieINTEL reported Gunfight is not returning to MW2 during Season 2 and community members are furious.

In early January, a datamine hinted at Gunfight making a triumphant return soon. Modern Warfare 2019 first introduced the 2v2 game mode, and Black Ops: Cold War brought it back for another run.

Call of Duty Vanguard discontinued Gunfight, and fans have been itching to dive back in. In June, the developers confirmed Gunfight is coming back for Modern Warfare 2 but only said, “at some point.”

MW2 players called out the developers for a “depressing” batch of Season 2 content, and some community members viewed Gunfight as a potential saving grace. Unfortunately, CharlieINTEL was the bearer of bad news, denying a Season 2 return.

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Modern Warfare 2 players demand a return of Gunfight

Infinity Ward
Gunfight in Modern Warfare 2019.

On February 2, CharlieINTEL reported Infinity Ward will reveal a full roadmap for Season 2 multiplayer content on February 8.

A fan commented Gunfight with the fingers crossed emoji, and CharlieINTEL shut that hope down by saying no.

MW2 took to Reddit and vented their frustrations over the exclusion.

One player responded, “It’s a beloved and incredibly simple game mode that they absolutely refuse to give their fans for some reason.”

A second community member added, “It’s embarrassing how bad they’re treating multiplayer. They’re this close to putting the final nail in the coffin for this franchise for me.”

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MW2 players pointed out that multiplayer will likely only receive two new maps in the upcoming season. Some community members hoped that meant the developers would deliver elsewhere.

That was the case for this user as they argued, “I assumed when we found out there were only two 6v6 maps it was because they’d finally release gunfight. What are they doing?”

Modern Warfare 2’s apparent lack of support disheartens multiplayer fans, but we will learn more about specifics when the full Season 2 blog drops on February 8.