Modern Warfare 2 datamine reveals return of fan favorite game modes

A datamine suggests that Gun Game and Gunfight may finally be added to Modern Warfare 2.

Gunfight revolutionized Modern Warfare 2019. The fast-paced 2v2 game mode cultivated a passionate fan base, and Infinity Ward gifted fans 19 different maps to duke it out on. Treyarch brought Gunfight back for CoD Cold war but cut the map pool down to nine.

CoD Vanguard discontinued the cult favorite mode, and fans have been clamoring for a return since. In June, the developers confirmed Gunfight is coming back for Modern Warfare 2 but only said, “at some point.”

That point may finally be within reach, as a data mine dug up the Gunfight logo. sprinkling in an added bonus, the leak also hinted at Gun Game possibly returning as well.

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Modern Warfare gunfight with MW2 logoActivision
Gunfight became a smash hit in Modern Warfare 2019.

Modern Warfare 2 datamine uncovers Gunfight and Gun Game logos

Call of Duty leaker BKTOOR5 datamined the Gunfight and Gun Game logos, and fellow leaker GhostOfHope spread the word.

Gun Game is a free for all game mode, with all players starting with the same gun and loadout. Players earn a new weapon with each kill, and the first one to 18 kills wins. The mode is a series staple and first appeared all the way back in CoD Black Ops.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 is set to go live on or around Wednesday, February 1, but GhostOfHope doesn’t believe Gun Game and Gunfight will be part of the major update.

The CoD leaker claimed, “I think Season 2 of Modern Warfare II | Warzone will have a lot of content for both launch and mid-season, but some part of me doesn’t expect Gunfight because of the fact it’s a game mode AND a bunch of maps. I think it’ll have its own seasonal focus, so maybe Season 3 or something.”

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We will provide an update when we learn more about everything coming during Modern Warfare 2 Season 2.