MW2 players accuse devs of “trolling” with classic maps video that aren’t in the game

Kurt Perry
quarry map from original mw2 as it appears in warzone 2's al mazrah.

Modern Warfare 2 players are accusing the developers of “trolling,” after uploading a video showcasing a series of classic MW2 maps despite them not being available in multiplayer.

Despite its name, the latest installment of Call of Duty has very little to do with the fan favorite 2009 classic, Modern Warfare 2.

Instead, it is a sequel to the Modern Warfare reboot released in 2019. Even so, with Modern Warfare receiving maps from COD4 like Crash and Vacant, many fans had expected this game to receive the same treatment but with MW2 maps.

However, Modern Warfare 2 only has a few classic COD maps available in multiplayer and none from the original MW2. This alone had upset some fans, but a recent social media post has made things even worse.

MW2 players unhappy with classic maps video

On Reddit, MW2 players have accused the devs of “trolling” them after the official CoD Instagram account uploaded a video of a player scoping in with the FJX Imperium across several classic MW2 maps.

With each scope in, a series of fan-favorite maps are cycled through starting with Estate, then Highrise, Quarry, Afghan, and Terminal. Despite appearing around various parts of Al Mazrah and Ground War, none of these maps are playable in 6v6.

The Instagram post has not gone down well with the Reddit post reading: “Posted by official COD account. They’re literally trolling us at this point.”

One angry fan responded: “Such bullsh*t we didn’t get any of these and now they’re just toying with us with this. What in the hell?”

Other players theorized that the maps were being held back: “I feel that they are drip-feeding the content until it gets really bad in terms of player population, once it hits the low they’ll drop these maps and possibly more milsim ops to get people to come back.”

A few replies chose to look at the positive side: “Am I the only one who thinks it’s really cool they incorporated all of these classic maps in Al Mazrah? Of course, it would be cool if they were added to MP, but between DMZ and WZ we get to experience the nostalgia in a fresh way.”

Although nothing has been confirmed, reports suggest that COD 2023 will be another Modern Warfare game that features content from MW2 and the original 2009 entry.

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