CoD Vanguard players frustrated as cheaters are already ruining matches

Alex Garton
Vanguard Call of Duty

Cheaters are already running rampant in Vanguard multiplayer and players are desperate for the implementation of Activision’s new anti-cheat system, Ricochet.

In recent years, the use of third-party software has become a serious issue in Call of Duty, with hackers taking over Warzone and ruining matches in Black Ops Cold War.

Now Vanguard has finally released, the issue has been passed onto the next game in the franchise, and players becoming more and more frustrated as each day goes by.

While Activision’s brand new anti-cheat is partly installed into the game, the full version has not been rolled out yet, and it’s certainly showing with the number of aimbots being used in multiplayer.

vanguard operator desert trench
Vanguard dropped on November 5.

Cheaters already taking over Vanguard multiplayer

While Ricochet’s server-side anti-cheat is on at the release of Vanguard, the kernel-level driver for PC is scheduled to come out later in the year.

Players are hoping when this system is fully implemented into the game, Activision will be able to clear out multiplayer and prevent third-party software from ruining matches.

However, for the time being, hackers are running rampant in Vanguard, as showcased by MrQuackerton on the COD Vanguard subreddit.

After peeking a corner, they’re seemingly eliminated out of nowhere, but after a look at the killcam, it’s obvious the other player is using cheats.

Despite there being a lot of excitement for the full release of Ricochet, a lot of players are still convinced the full system won’t resolve Vanguard’s cheating issue completely: “I mean, ricochet won’t be proactive either. you’ll still run into cheaters that play a bit before they’re banned.”

Others are disappointed that Activision has opted for kernel-level and have even claimed they won’t be buying the game because of it: “It’s literally why I’m not buying the game. I can’t in good conscience support kernel-level stuff as an IT guy.”

Either way, for the majority of players, they just want to play an online match on Vanguard and not get beamed from across the map by a cheater. Hopefully, the full roll-out of Ricochet will achieve this, and keep multiplayer competitive and fair.

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