Modern Warfare finally adds death count feature, but it will cost you

Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward have resolved the frequent complaint that deaths do not show on the scoreboard in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in numerous gamemodes – by making the feature available in a cosmetic item, costing around $20.

In past games, the in-game scoreboard in a standard game of Team Deathmatch or Domination would typically show each player’s kills, deaths and assists. However, for Modern Warfare, the scoreboard was slimmed down and does not feature the death counter in a number of standard modes.

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This instantly drew complaints from players upon release, bemused that such a common feature had been dropped in for no discernible reason.

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However, in the content drop released as part of Season One in December, a new cosmetic item was added to the game which solves this very problem – but not for free.

The item in question is one of the many wristwatches that players can acquire and wear on their character, with the ability to check it throughout a match.

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Named ‘Time to Die’, the watch is part of the ‘Mother Russia’ bundle, which costs 2000 CoD points in total, or roughly $20.

Infinity WardActivision
The ‘Time to Die’ watch that will display your deaths during a match.

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Although it is a purely cosmetic item with no impact on gameplay, Infinity Ward may have had a slight oversight in adding a watch that displays deaths, while the scoreboard itself still lacks the basic feature.

Some adjustments have been made to scoreboards in certain game modes already, so we know it’s possible, yet the developers seem to be holding out on having deaths show in selected playlists.

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Now that this watch is in the game, allowing anyone to see their deaths at any time (albeit at a price), there’s really no reason for Infinity Ward to hold back these statistics mid-match now.

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Overall, the Season One battle pass has been well-received. It does take a significant amount of game time to rank up the levels, but it is intended to last around two months, so there’s plenty of time for players to hit all the tiers, providing they play regularly enough.

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If you’re looking to rank up the battle pass as fast as possible, we’ve put together some tips for expediting the process.

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