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Modern Warfare’s fully loaded ATV is a moving death machine

Published: 11/Dec/2019 23:01

by Scott Robertson


A Modern Warfare player shared a hilarious and devastating strategy to ensure victory when playing the new Infected mode added to the game in the most recent update.

Leave it to the Call of Duty community to create a strategy that’s equal parts hysterical and efficient for a game mode that’s only a day old. It’s really a testament to ingenuity and creating quality content.

Infection is a new survival party game mode that pits survivors against infected, and the survivors have already figured out the best way to go about putting the infected down.

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Thankfully, for the sake of our pleasure, it involves an entire team of survivors piling onto a single ATV, and turning it into the single most deadly vehicle on earth.

ATV is OP in Infected from modernwarfare

The video shared by user ‘pekin_ducks’ shows what appears to be a total of eight people riding on a single ATV. One is driving, one is hanging off the back, and the other six are using sheer willpower and teamwork to stand on top of the ATV with their guns drawn and ready to lock onto any target.

The new Infected mode is easy enough to understand: one player spawns as a member of the infected and goes around killing off survivors to add to their ranks. This moving, shooting dogpile isn’t just a way for survivors to get around the map quickly, it’s efficient at thinning out infected as shown by the two that were quickly dispatched.


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The “overpowered” strategy carried the survivors’ team to a commanding 16-2 victory, as the members of the military-issue clown car let loose a storm of bullets to celebrate their successful strategy.

Infinity WardDon’t be surprised if this eight-man ATV rolls up on you in Ground War

The newest update, the December 10 patch, included some other new content including a new map for Ground War, but it’s unclear whether this strategy can be used to its same effectiveness in that game mode.

More research is needed to see if the ATV can handle more than eight soldiers as shown in the video. 

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Infection, as well as the addition of Aniyah Palace as a Ground War map and the Gunfight: On Site Procurement mode, are the newest additions to the Season 1 of content that was just released for Modern Warfare. 


Fans are expecting the next content drop as well, which includes the Vacant and Shipment maps, more Gunfight maps, a new Ground war map, Spec Ops content, and much more.