Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developer teases campaign trailer release

Matt Porter

Infinity Ward Studio Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki has dropped a major hint regarding the possible release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s campaign trailer.

CoD fans have been eagerly awaiting any new information about the upcoming first-person shooter, with PS4 players getting their first opportunity to test out the 2v2 Gunfight mode in an exclusive alpha back in August.

With two multiplayer betas scheduled in September, there are plenty of opportunities to try out the game’s most popular mode, but information on the Modern Warfare campaign has remained scarce, although that could all be about to change.

Infinity WardInformation on Modern Warfare’s campaign has been scarce.

In an exchange on Twitter, Kurosaki hinted that the trailer would be appearing online in the very near future, sending fans abuzz with excitement at the possibility of seeing what they can expect from the game’s campaign.

“Story trailer?” asked Twitter use 2015CMass97, with the Studio Narrative Director responding: “Ok, sounds good.”

Another user took things a step further, asking if there was any chance it would be released tonight, with Kurosaki teasing the possibility by writing: “Hold on, let me check…”

While the trailer for the campaign has yet to appear, Kurosaki’s tease indicates that it isn’t far away, although he didn’t go as far as to confirm whether we will see it at some point today, or give an official release date for it. 

Little is currently known about the Modern Warfare campaign, although Infinity Ward have been forced to address claims about censorship in the game’s story mode, denying they were altering the dialogue before the title launches. 

With legendary characters like Captain Price confirmed to play roles in the mode, Call of Duty fans are chomping at the bit to see what their favorite soldiers have been doing since the conclusion of Modern Warfare 3, and with developers hinting that the trailer is on its way, there shouldn’t be too long to wait before we get our first look at the next chapter in the legendary franchise’s storyline.

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