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Modern Warfare director responds to claims about censoring the campaign

Published: 13/Jun/2019 13:14 Updated: 13/Jun/2019 14:04

by Calum Patterson


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s narrative director has responded to suggestions that Infinity Ward have caved in to media pressure already, following reports that the developer was removing lines of dialogue from the campaign.

On June 11, Kotaku reported that, according to a developer at a private E3 showcase of Modern Warfare, a line which was deemed too “discomforting” would be removed from the final product.

The particular line is delivered by a Russian soldier, who apparently considers handing over a young girl he has captured to his commanding officer, because he “likes the young ones”.

Call of DutyCaptain Price will make his return to Call of Duty in the new Modern Warfare.

Kotaku were apparently told that this line would be cut from the game, as it already takes place in “a harrowing scene even without the implication of sexual pedophilic peril.”

News that Infinity Ward were removing even a single line of dialogue did not sit well with fans, though, who feared that the developer may have been toning down the more adult themes to avoid criticism and controversy.

Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki has dismissed this suggestion, however, stating plainly: “We never would (censor the game). Those are rumors. Not true.”

In another response, Kurosaki explained that although changes will be made between now and launch, these are not moves to appease critics or avoid controversy, but only to further their “vision” of the game, from a purely creative standpoint.

YouTubers and press who saw the game early at Infinity Ward’s studios all said that the two missions they were shown were more violent and visceral than anything they’d seen in CoD before.

The game also draws inspiration from Modern Warfare 2’s ‘No Russian’ mission, undoubtedly the most controversial level in the series’ history, where the player is put in the shoes of a mass murderer, killing countless innocent civilians in a Moscow airport.

We will have to wait until October 25, when the new Modern Warfare releases, to see if this particular line of dialogue does in fact make the final cut, and if Infinity Ward have toned things down in other areas too.

For now, Kurosaki is defiant that these are nothing more than rumors, and false ones at that.

Call of Duty

Will there be next-gen for Modern Warfare? PS5 version found

Published: 2/Dec/2020 17:19

by Lauren Bergin


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is practically a household name for FPS fans and non-gamers alike. It’s no shock then that CoD fans were beyond excited at the possibility of a PS5 version of the game. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has become a staple title for the CoD franchise. After a recent clarification from an Infinity Ward dev that more content is coming soon fans have jumped back aboard the Modern Warfare hype train.

This announcement had fans scratching their heads over what new content would be released, especially when Black Ops: Cold War and its Warzone season are likely to be the focus of development for some time.

A reddit user, however, has sparked some life into the community by leaking a possible PS5 release for Modern Warfare in the near future.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay
Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare is the game that birthed Call of Duty: Warzone, which has exploded into a fully fledged esport.

Modern Warfare on PS5 Leak

A post and possible leak on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours by reddit user asjonesy99 has seized the interest of CoD fans from across the globe.

The post sees the possibility of there being a PS5 version of the title available in the near future. When purchasing the game, the dropdown menu shows the original PS4 version followed by a PS5 version.

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The original post states that when he selects this option it becomes locked. After checking a plethora of other games, there are no other options for PS5 versions, so either this is a simple error or CoD are planning a future PS5 update for the game.

While excited, a lot of fans weren’t particularly shocked at this leak simply due to the popularity of Warzone, which launched alongside Modern Warfare in October 2019 and is fully integrated into the game.

The future is of course uncertain, and in turn this means that this could be nothing. However, it’s really exciting to think that Modern Warfare will be back with a bang to continue to inspire future generations of FPS players in the same way it has inspired the current one.