Modern Warfare 2 pro reveals simple trick for avoiding hackers in Ranked Play

Ryan Lemay
MW2 Ranked Play image with MWII logo

A Modern Warfare 2 Challengers player may have finally discovered a way to avoid hackers without losing Skill Rating.

Leading up to Season 2, some Modern Warfare 2 fans were disheartened by a lack of commitment to multiplayer. Infinity Ward unveiled a Season 2 roadmap, and community members blasted an “all-time low” multiplayer content offering.

One map remake, the return of a beta map, and a few party modes didn’t necessarily move the needle for MW2 fans. Infinity Ward heard the complaints and moved up the release of a new Multiplayer map for Season 2 Reloaded. The introduction of Ranked Play also put some much-needed life back into the game.

Ranked Play’s introduction worked wonders for bringing fans back to MW2, but an overabundance of hackers has held the game mode back.

How to avoid hackers in MW2 Ranked Play

CDL operators in Modern Warfare 2 ranked mode are just one of the incoming rewards.
CDL operators in Modern Warfare 2 ranked mode are just one of the rewards.

CharlieINTEL reported MW2 Twitch and YouTube viewership surpassed WZ2 following the introduction of Ranked Play. Large streamers like TimTheTatman and Dr Disrespect abandoned CoD’s battle royale to grind the new competitive game mode.

However, some pro players have abandoned the playlist due to an alarming cheating issue. On March 2, Atlanta FaZe head coach James Crowder claimed out of 10 Ranked Play matches, only four lobbies didn’t have a cheater.

MW2 pro player Gabriel ‘Aroma‘ Hamshaw is currently ranked within the top 250 and revealed how to avoid hackers.

If you are in a full lobby and recognize the name of a hacker, Aroma ran through how to leave the match without losing any Skill Rating points or getting suspended.

Players must select channels, click on the lobby, scroll over to settings, and select leave party.

The pro player showed video evidence of the method working, yet failed after trying it the first time. He believes the lobby needs to be full in order to pull off the trick.

This method also only works if you already know the usernames of hackers, as you will need to leave before the match begins.

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