Modern Warfare 2 CDL pros slam “garbage” Ranked Play hackers

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Ranked Play arrived in Modern Warfare 2 on February 15 and CDL pros are already abandoning the playlist thanks to an influx of cheaters.

Modern Warfare 2 players waited for the arrival of Ranked Play since the game’s launch, and now less than a week after its arrival in Season 2 many are giving up on the mode as a whole.

A wave of cheaters has flooded the ladder, making even the best players in the world second guess queueing up for a match. OpTic Texas’ Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell and Boston Breach’s Ben ‘’Beans’ McMellon have been particularly vocal about the issue.

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Modern Warfare 2 CDL pros unhappy over hackers ruining Ranked Play

Dashy is one of only a handful of current or former pros who currently make up the Top 250 in-game leaderboard.

At the time of publication, he sits at the 15th spot, with 13,300 SR, with only Toronto Ultra substitute Eli ‘Standy’ Bentz and reigning World Champion Zack ‘Drazah’ Jordan of LA Thieves ahead of him.

He vocalized his displeasure with the mode in a February 19 tweet.

“Ranked is garbage, literally playing hackers every single game,” he said.

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Florida Mutineers newcomer Tyler ‘FeLo’ Johnson also shared a similar opinion. “I love ranked play and all but loading in against 99 awareness Tom Brady every map is starting to get absurd.”

McMellon shared a moment after a game where a cheater was bold enough to ask him to team up, assuming that the pro had to be cheating because he was so good.

“These hacking f***s have no remorse,” he said, sharing an in-game screenshot.

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There’s been no acknowledgment of the issue on the side of CoD devs, but we’ll bring the latest updates if steps are taken to rectify the situation.

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