Retired CDL pro Methodz gets Modern Warfare 2 ranked hackers banned live on stream

Methodz on LAN for Boston Breach with MW2 logo next to himActivision/Boston Breach

Hackers have become one of the most infuriating parts of any online game, and Call of Duty is no exception. While Warzone battle royale has been a haven for hackers for years at this point, they’re now also plaguing ranked games, and former pro Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni did what he had to do to get two banned live on stream.

Cheating has always been a problem in CoD, but this was exacerbated massively with the launch of Warzone in 2020, forcing Activision to develop their Ricochet anti-cheat as a means to counter the problem.

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While Ricochet definitely improved the state of Call of Duty, hackers still get through as new cheating software gets through the gaps and the anti-cheat has to learn how to find and ban them too.

This has become an increasingly annoying problem to deal with in ranked play since that launched in Modern Warfare 2, especially in the higher ranks where hackers typically cheat to reach to play against the pros.

Unfortunately for Methodz, he came up against two suspected hackers while on his ranked play grind, and both of them got banned during their matchup.

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As the game reached its end, it looked like one of them might have got away with it, having taken the loss and the game readying to go back to the lobby.

Methodz said that he’d already got one banned, before the second player was removed right at the end, adding: “That is two cheaters getting live banned, ladies and gentlemen.”

There’s not much more enjoyable than reporting someone for cheating and seeing them get banned live, in-game, and that must be accentuated even more when you’re grinding for high ranks.

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The pros themselves do have direct links to Activision employees to pass on names of suspected cheaters, as long as they can provide proof, so it’s no surprise to see people like this get hit with the ban hammer so quickly.

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