MW3 players slam game as cheaters flood Ranked Play

Shane Black
MW3 cheater using a hacking tool in-game

MW3 players are putting the game on blast for the amount of cheaters that have flooded into the Ranked Play mode.

Cheaters have long been a thorn in the side of MW3 players, showing up nearly everywhere in the game’s multiplayer mode.

When Ranked Play finally dropped shortly after the launch of the game’s Season 1 Reloaded update, players were excited to have a more competitive playlist away from these people.

But it doesn’t look like this new mode is safe from cheating either, and fans are really tearing into the game about it on social media.

MW3 players are livid with cheaters in Ranked Play

A player posted on the MW3 subreddit with the caption: “There’s so many cheaters in ranked. It’s really bad.”

The post included a clip from a ranked game, in which the original poster recorded a player using some kind of program that showed their location through a wall. This allowed the person to get a headshot without even seeing the person.

The community, naturally, is not happy about this, with many users sharing their own encounters with cheaters in Ranked Play.

“Played ~250 games of pubs and only encountered 1 cheater. In ~50 ranked games I’ve already encountered 5 or so, and 3 of them have already been banned.”

Many fans are lamenting the state of modern games, and how easily hacking can be done: “Games used to come out and anti-cheat worked for a year or two before floods of hackers came. Now its all minimal security and cash grabs.”

Some players, however, really do think that MW3 is in a league of its own, in a bad way, when it comes to the prevalence of cheating.

“There’s so many other games that have better Ranked modes than this. The Finals is shaping up to be really good, Apex, and XDefiant hopefully comes soon.”

Cheating is a rampant discussion in the MW3 community, and until something is done to crack down on these players, that discussion is going to continue.

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