Modern Warfare 2 players slam “b*llsh*t” Ghost Perk changes

Andrew Highton
ghost perk in cod modern warfare 2

Some of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s changes haven’t been as well-received as others with noticeable changes to the Ghost Perk, and system overall, proving to be a big bone of contention with players.

When you think of legendary CoD Perks, Ghost simply has to factor into that conversation. Its uncanny ability to hide you from the minimap, even with UAVs present, has proven to be a reliable and trusted ability down the years.

However, as part of many different shake-ups in Modern Warfare 2, including the new Gunsmith system and the return of the Last Stand Perk, Infinity Ward has decided to tinker with the Perk system too.

New Perk Packages have replaced the usual pick a Perk for each slot setup used down the years, and there are now ‘Ultimate’ Perks that you can build up to during matches. The changes seen in the beta are definitely untraditional, and many players are unhappy with the potential differences.

Perk System is “horrible” in Modern Warfare 2

The introduction of the Ultimate Perk seems to be a change that can turn the tide of a match and clamp down on camping in the process. Despite the positive intentions of Infinity Ward, users are less-then-thrilled with this innovative concept.

“Imma keep it a buck, Ghost as an ultimate perk is complete BS in this beta. Say what you want about people who would use Ghost as a camper (since they won’t appear on the map due to lack of movement), BUTTTT I’d rather have that than this current beta system where the first team to pop up a UAV early leads to complete domination of the other team for 8 minutes. Most of those matches become so lopsided it’s impossible to come back on score,” one Reddit post said.

The point was hammered by another post that said that solo players suffer the worst: “As a solo player, the team balancing is garbage so the enemy team just keep dropping UAV after UAV. By the time I get Ghost in TDM the game is almost over and we have no chance.”

Aside from criticism directed at how Ghost works now, Modern Warfare 2 players have also vented about the new Perk Package system in general.

“I honestly don’t know why this change was made to the Perk system and what the conversation was that made this change, but I think most of us can agree that we didn’t need this change,” said a frustrated Reddit user.”

Comments to the post believe that the changes aren’t what was needed and according to one player: “The pick 3 system was perfect imo. Feels like change for the sake of change.”

Modern Warfare 2 is still in its beta phase and this version of the game may not end up being the final product, so there’s always a chance that IW will tweak the system before the game’s full release.

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