Outraged MW3 players explain why CoD is a “shell of what it used to be”

John Esposito
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MW3 players are livid with the state of the game and CoD in general, as they reflect on what the series “used to be.”

Since the franchise’s big splash in 2007, Call of Duty has significantly changed. Franchise veterans know this very well, as what once started as a “small” multiplayer experience has evolved into a titan in the industry, with Warzone boosting the game’s hold of the FPS genre.

However, this evolution has come at quite a cost, as with MW3, a portion of players have been mightily dissatisfied. The conversation surrounding the latest CoD has been hot, to say the least, with players questioning nearly every aspect of the game, from SBMM to shop practices and more.

On the heels of Season 2 Reloaded’s arrival, player frustration is through the roof, with the latest wave of frustration summarizing years’ worth of changes.

MW3 players rip into the state of CoD

Shared to the Modern Warfare 3 subreddit, one CoD player brutally ripped into the franchise and MW3 in general. “The state of this game is a joke,” they started. “It’s a fraction of what CoD used to be,” they continued, before stating Activision “stripped away” everything that made the franchise fun.

They continued to rip into nearly every aspect of MW3, with cheating, spawns and bugs a heavy topic of ire for the player. Of course, there was the shoutout to SBMM, something that’s been heavy on the community’s mind for the past few years.

They concluded: “COD hasn’t been COD in 5 years. It’s been a trash of a game that uses the Call of Duty name.”

The comments were all pretty much in unison with OP’s opinion, with many players sharing frustration with MW3’s in-game connection.

“The server bullsh*t is what does it for me. My connection is f**king rock solid. I have no issues with any other online multiplayer games. Yet, I load into a match in CoD and the upper left portion of my screen lights up like a f**king Chevy truck dashboard,” one player said.

For those keeping track at home, CoD’s been dominating the FPS market for over 15 years, as yearly entries top the charts. In that period, the scene hasn’t seen a competitor successfully challenge CoD, which one player highlighted.

“I think the main issue is that there is no real competitor for CoD. For a straightforward, small map, quick match, standard gun type gun play what else is there? Let me know and I’ll switch. It’s a monopoly.”

Sledgehammer Games has been pretty solid when it comes to community feedback since MW3 launched. Time will tell if the studio can address the experience before the next title arrives.

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