Modern Warfare 2 player demoralizes enemy with “brilliant” final kill cam


Modern Warfare 2 final kill cams inspire creativity, and one player took that to a new level with the help of a proximity mine.

Most players would be lying if they denied attempting a flashy final kill cam in a Call of Duty game. Whether it be a no-scope sniper shot or a cross-map tomahawk kill, the feature has been an integral thread of the franchise’s fabric.

Of course, the developers only made it more appealing to attempt the impossible when they added the tracking system for final replays. This update added a lock-on feature, tracking the trajectory of throwable items, killstreaks, and even rocket launcher shots.

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One player utilized this innovation to pull off an extremely satisfying kill during a Modern Warfare 2 match.

Modern Warfare 2 players stunned by hilarious final kill cam

Gunfight from Modern Warfare 2019 with MWII logoActivision
The kill cam is now an industry standard in FPS titles.

A Modern Warfare 2 player posted a clip on Reddit, joking, “a kill-cam that shows off my 0.3 KD and 300 IQ all at once.”

The player used a proximity mine to take out an enemy after they revived themselves using the Last Stand perk. Adding insult to injury, they flew across the screen after getting blown up by the mine.

Community members criticized the devs for adding the controversial Last Stand perk, so players supported the disrespectful play wholeheartedly.

Commenters joined in on the fun. “This was hilarious. Something about the mine launching him upwards and the game suddenly ending made me chuckle.”

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A second player added, “this proves higher KD doesn’t mean higher IQ and vice versa.”

Others relished in a Last Stand user’s suffering. “whenever I down a Last Stand user, I like to torture them a little bit.”

The perk allows players to revive themselves after getting killed in multiplayer. Community members have complained about essentially having to kill an enemy twice, but maybe this will inspire them to have some fun with their downed opponents.