Modern Warfare 2 mysteriously removes popular beta map at launch

Modern Warfare 2 logo on Valderas MuseumActivision

Modern Warfare 2 fans diving into their first multiplayer matches on Infinity Ward’s 2022 title have quickly realized that Valderas Museum is no longer in the game. 

Integral to any Call of Duty game are the multiplayer maps, with fans wanting replayable, fast-paced, and balanced environments to showcase their skills online. 

The recent MWII multiplayer Beta gave the fan base their first taste of Modern Warfare 2’s maps, with Valderas Museum, Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, and Breenbergh Hotel all featuring. 

That paved the way for confirmation that eleven classic 6v6 multiplayer maps would be available at launch. 

However, now the full game has been released (depending on your location), fans have realized that the Valderas Museum environment is no longer in the full game. 

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Valderas Museum map removed from MWII

As a result, there are now only ten base 6v6 maps available for players who are in Modern Warfare 2. 

The Valderas Museum map took considerable inspiration from the Getty Center, a real-life museum in California. 

A reason for its removal has not surfaced, but it’s possible that its likeness to a real-life location has caused issues. 

Some fans were pleased with the news of its removal, claiming it was too large to feature as a 6v6 multiplayer map.

There have already been some problems with the Crown Raceway multiplayer map from Modern Warfare 2. It was originally titled ‘Grand Prix’ and featured heavily in the multiplayer Beta marketing, only to be mysteriously absent when it dropped. 

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It has since returned with a name change so, presumably, when any behind-the-scenes issues have been ironed out, Valderas Museum will return.

For now though, players will have to enjoy the 10 multiplayer maps, with more classic environments chalked to come in the near future.