Modern Warfare 2 was most played beta in Call of Duty history

Ryan Lemay
modern warfare 2

Despite harsh criticism from several corners of the CoD community, The Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta boasted the highest player count in franchise history.

The Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta concluded on September 26. Spanning two separate weekends, the playest provided ample time for players to try out the CoD’s new installment.

Infinity Ward attempted to address community concerns on two separate occasions, but frustrations boiled over, resulting in mixed reviews. With just over a month before the game’s official release, there is a long laundry list of changes players want.

It may look all doom and gloom; However, Beta stats paint a much brighter picture for the upcoming first-person shooter.

Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta numbers shatter expectations

Modern Warfare 2 Beta lock out
The Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta received mixed reviews during the first weekend.

The official Call of Duty Twitter account revealed the Modern Warfare 2 Beta was “the biggest Call of Duty Beta ever.”

Call of Duty didn’t provide concrete stats, but the developers claimed the Beta had the most hours played, most players, and most matches played in franchise history.

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta topped Steam Charts during the second weekend, backing up the ambitious claim. The Beta reached a peak concurrent player count of 169,000 and recorded over eight million hours of playtime.

The latest CoD title also reached the number one selling game on Steam at one point before falling to Cyberpunk 2077.

Unfortunately, we don’t have player count numbers for PlayStation and Xbox, so it’s impossible to know how many players logged in for the Beta.

Modern Warfare 2019 holds the throne as the highest-selling cod game of all time, surpassing 30 million copies sold. Modern Warfare 2 has the potential to surpass its predecessor, based on Beta numbers alone.

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