Modern Warfare 2 expert reveals how to buy two skins for the price of one

Ryan Lemay
Warzone 2 superhero

The LA Guerillas TikTok revealed a simple trick to buy two operator bundles for the price of one in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Buying cosmetic items in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone draws criticism. Warzone Caldera servers are set to shut down on September 21, 2023, meaning community members will lose access to their collection of weapon and operator skins over a two-year window.

Out of fear of going through a similar painful experience in Warzone 2, a few COD players launched a boycott to stop purchasing cosmetic items. Activision caught wind of the growing fear among community members and reassured players that their cosmetic items will carry over to the next title.

The announcement fell on deaf ears as questions arose about why Activision would withhold that information for over a year. For those that do enjoy purchasing a cosmetic item every now and then, the LA Guerillas unearthed a simple money-saving trick.

How to purchase two Modern Warfare 2 operator skins for the price of one

The LA Guerillas urged players to stop buying cosmetic items from the store until they take advantage of a simple trick that offers the most bang for their buck.

There are currently three operator bundles in the MW2 store that players have been willing to pull out their wallets for. Izzy, along with Homelander and Black Noir from The Boys all cost $20 or 2400 COD Points.

However, if players purchase the Graffiti Tactical bundle for $20 or 2400 COD Points, the bundle awards an additional 2400 COD Points.

Players can use that surplus of COD Points to buy one of the three previously mentioned operator bundles. And they also get the added benefit of a Subway Surfer-themed operator and two graffiti-painted SMG weapon blueprints from the Graffiti Tactical bundle.

So the next time you are considering purchasing an operator bundle in Modern Warfare 2, check to see if the Graffiti Tactical bundle is available first.