London Call of Duty franchise makes historic league-first player signing

Michael Gwilliam

The London Call of Duty franchise has made history as the first team to announce a roster acquisition.

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In a September 17 announcement, London revealed that British-born Bradley ‘Wuskin’ Marshall would be joining the team. 

The 22-year-old is formerly part of Team Reciprocity and finished tied for 5-6 in the CWL Championship in August. He was released from his team back in August when Reciprocity announced they would not participate in COD franchising. 

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It’s currently unknown where the rest of Wuskin’s team will end up.

He has competed in multiple Call of Duty games including Black Ops 3 and 4, Infinite Warfare and World War 2. 

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Wuskin is known as one of the best assault rifle players in the game today with phenomenal individual skill. He was a 2018 CWL Pro League All-Star and should make for a solid foundation for London to build around.

The roster move is still pending league approval, but it’s unlikely to be overruled. This is common in Activision Blizzard esports, as many teams have announced roster moves pending League approval in the OWL

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The European region, particularly the UK, has been represented well in CoD esports over the past few years.  The London team is being managed by a legendary member of the British esports scene, Michael “ODEE” O’Dell, formerly of Team Dignitas. 

Most teams are waiting to announce roster moves, but have begun to announce staffing such as general managers. 

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As we previously reported, on September 9 a trademark was filed for the “London Ravens”, possibly connected to the city’s Call of Duty team. 

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