Pro Call of Duty team brutally roasted after using AI to announce new roster

Jeremy Gan
CDL's Vegas Legion under fire for using Ai in roster announcement

A Call of Duty League team, Vegas Legion, has been brutally roasted by CoD fans and fellow orgs alike for using AI-generated art to announce their new roster.

We are just a month away from the first online qualifiers for the first Major of CDL’s 2024 season, and that means rosters across the League are getting finalized and approved by the League. 

As we draw nearer to the Modern Warfare 3 season, squads are getting announced every other day. Latest to enter the spotlight was the Las Vegas Legion on November 13, announcing Attach, Nero, Standy, and Purj as the starting four. 

However, the big news was overshadowed by the announcement tweet itself, which used AI-generated portraits of the players, sparking criticism from the community.

Unlike other teams who created elaborate videos to announce their rosters, Legion decided to go for a simpler route, announcing the team with pictures instead. Pictures made with the help of AI.

As you can guess, the decision to use AI did not go unnoticed by the community at large, with many pointing out the differing aspect ratios each portrait has, and the inconsistent background colors. Not to mention the incorrect details, like giving Attach ear rings.

Despite comments praising the new roster, many criticized Legion’s use of AI. Using AI for a roster announcement is baffling,” said gursh, a content and social lead for FaZe Clan. “So many talented designers out there you could just slide a few bucks man what the f***.” 

Tee, a former graphic designer for Legion reacted to the announcement negatively, saying, “So in the end AI really did take my job.”

She continued, “It’s just upsetting that nobody gains anything from this, no artist or designer gets to leave their mark in the CDL. There’s just an AI stain instead.”

Other CDL teams also got in on the grilling, with Atlanta FaZe and Seattle Surge mocking the Legion and their use of AI and the franchise’s historically poor performance in the league. 

Despite the already rocky start to the roster’s beginnings, Attach said of the new team, “AI pics is crazy, but I’m excited to be teaming with Standy, Nero, and Purj. It’s going to be an amazing season.”