Leaks reveal CoD 2023 will bring back popular zombies mode

Ryan Lemay
zombies cod vanguard season 2

Zombies fans may finally have their prayers answered, as a CoD 2023 leak revealed Zombies is returning.

Infinity Ward excluded a Zombies game mode from Modern Warfare 2. The development team did take one crack at creating a zombie mode in the past with Infinite Warfare. Community members praised the studio’s efforts in putting its own spin on Treyarch’s beloved universe.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Sledgehammer Games’ history with zombies. CoD Vanguard controversially removed round-based gameplay in favor of focusing on completing objectives, and community members labeled it a “dumpster fire.”

Sledgehammer might get a second chance at getting in the good graces of passionate Zombies fans, given that the studio is believed to be taking the lead for CoD 2023.

CoD 2023 leak reveals long-awaited zombies return

On May 9, Insider Gaming revealed: “Zombies will be coming to Call of Duty 2023 on launch, but what exactly that entails remains to be seen.”

Video game insider Tom Henderson previously reported: “Zombies will not be traditionally round-based, but instead be coming to the game in a different mode.”

That news will disappoint community members who slammed removing the traditional system in Vanguard. This especially holds true since Sledgehammer listened to community feedback and went back to round-based maps at the end of the game’s life cycle.

A recent report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier also won’t instill much confidence. According to the journalist, “Some at Sledgehammer Games are worried about the development because of the shortened period they’ve had to work on it, only starting on the project one year ago, but they have support from Treyarch and Infinity Ward on the project.”

Sledhammer’s development on Vanguard suffered from a shortened development period, and the game underperformed.

Insider Games revealed that CoD 2023 will have its reveal at the beginning of August, and the game fully launches on November 10.