MW3’s new take on Zombies mode called “boring” by players

Daniel Appleford
Fans call MW3 Zombies boring

Call of Duty Zombies fans are not happy with the open-world game mode coming to MW3.

Zombies has been the equality-hyped counterpart to the Call of Duty franchise since 2008 when World at War was released.

There have been a total of ten CoD titles that have had a zombies mode. World at War, Black Ops, Black Ops 2, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, World War 2, Black Ops 3, Black Ops 4, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard have all featured a version of Zombies. MW3 will be the eleventh instalment in the franchise.

Throughout the years Zombies has created its own community with CoD for those who want a round-based survival and the chance to uncover hidden lore. While each title has had themes of the previous versions, MW3 is taking a new approach to the idea of CoD Zombies.

Sledgehammer Games create a lackluster Zombies

The CoD NEXT event that took place on Oct. 5 gave the first inside look at what Zombies would be like for the upcoming year.

Prior to the reveal, fans of the franchise were excited by what they were seeing. However, now that official gameplay footage has come out some are rethinking their initial reactions with several players calling the game mode “painfully boring.”

Popular YouTuber WILDCAT was one of the first to voice their opinions on the gameplay reveal, using sarcasm to disapprove of the open-world style.

“Omg shooting zombies in a giant open field,” said WILDCAT. “Exactly what we’ve all been wanting.”

Those who have enjoyed playing CoD’s open-world modes like DMZ and Warzone may have a different opinion. The latest version of Zombies takes a lot of inspiration from Warzone, especially with the parachute mechanic.

There is no early access for the upcoming Zombies, meaning fans will have to shell out $70 to determine if they like it or not.

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