Leaked Modern Warfare challenges hint at Warzone release date

Paul Cot

That’s right, it’s yet another release date theory for Call of Duty: Warzone. Could Modern Warfare’s new battle royale mode be right around the corner after all?

For weeks now, players have built up their hopes of a Warzone release every Tuesday. There were particularly strong hopes that it would release yesterday (February 25) but this, of course, didn’t happen.

Now, fans will attempt to temper their excitement ahead of March 3. Tuesday is the all significant date as that is when Infinity Ward typically pushes updates for Modern Warfare.

Warzone Wait
The wait for Call of Duty Warzone has felt like forever…

Datamined challenges

When Season 2 launched on February 11, there were four weeks worth of multiplayer challenges to complete. This means the other four weeks of Season 2 are currently unaccounted for.

With numerous Warzone challenges being datamined, it isn’t unreasonable to think they’ll be incorporated into the second half of Season 2. If these do lineup then we’re looking at a March 10 release date for Call of Duty Warzone.

Elsewhere, one report stated it will indeed release in early March, although no date was specified. The information was claimed to be from sources close to the game’s developer.

Early release for Modern Warfare owners?

It has been speculated that those who have the full Modern Warfare game may get access to Warzone before the reported free-to-play standalone version is released. If the challenges are indicative of when the battle royale mode will release, then players could get to access the game as early as March 3.

If the new mode is to release at the same time for everyone, then the aforementioned March 10 seems most likely. This probably won’t go down too well with Modern Warfare owners who may have bought the game in the hope of a battle royale mode materializing.

The last few weeks may have been disappointing for those desperate for Warzone’s release but it looks like it’s coming soon – finally!

What we know about Warzone so far?

Officially, we don’t know anything about ‘Warzone’. Infinity Ward have yet to announce anything about the new mode.

However, numerous leaks have indicated that it will indeed be titled Warzone. Despite there being nothing official released, we do actually know quite a bit about Modern Warfare’s Warzone.

In addition to this a free-to-play standalone version has been touted ever since Modern Warfare was released. The game is expected to change the way respawns work, have tiered weapons and even feature 200 players competing for survival.