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8 more classic maps Modern Warfare could add next

Published: 21/Feb/2020 17:28 Updated: 21/Feb/2020 17:35

by Jacob Hale


Since the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in October 2019, Infinity Ward have already added some classic maps to the game, including Crash, Shipment, Vacant and Rust – but what could be coming next?

The Modern Warfare series has brought a number of the most memorable maps in FPS history to players, to whom the likes of Crash and Rust offer a spot of nostalgic joy that can be easily loved despite how long they’ve been played on.

But which maps could Infinity Ward be bringing to Modern Warfare next? With a few months left of the game’s life-cycle, there’s still time to bring some back. Here, we’ve listed eight of the best options.



Terminal has always been a highly-revered map among players.

Terminal was one of the maps that has maintained popularity and fan adoration ever since it was first released in 2009. Since then, it has been remade for both Modern Warfare 3 and Infinite Warfare, and you can see why.

The map features several different hotspots for activity, as well as varying lanes and points that are perfect for players of all types, whether you like sitting in a corner away from the battle or getting involved in the thick of it.

Plus, getting on top of the plane made even the most frustrating games bearable.


Warhawk made for some intense matches.

The only CoD Ghosts map to be included in this list, Warhawk, is another diverse map that offers an array of long and short-range gunfights, where anybody can excel.


It always made for some crazy matches, especially on the pro circuit with game modes like Blitz offering some great flanks and sneak plays.

Some Ghosts maps go seriously under-appreciated within the Call of Duty community but, with the likes of Octane and Warhawk in the game, it actually made for some fun matches.


Sledgehammer Games

Hardhat is one of the smaller maps from Modern Warfare 3 and, as such, one of the most beloved. Set on a construction site, Hardhat was great if you were looking to get a high kill count and always be in the thick of the action.

For some reason, Hardhat hasn’t been remade for another Call of Duty title yet, but it would be well-suited to the Modern Warfare style of play, and is a map that would fit into this game very well.



The spawn snipes on Highrise are etched into the memories of older players.

Again, Highrise has been revamped for modern titles, with ‘Skyrise’ coming to Advanced Warfare in 2015.

That said, many fans would love to see it once again in a boots-on-the-ground setting, with those infamous cross-map spawn snipes and the ability to get on the roof making for some of the most iconic moments of CoD players’ lives.

A lot of the beauty in Highrise comes from the subtlety of the inclusion of certain features. For example, the ability to walk across the crane on the outside of the map, or drop onto suspended scaffolding out of sight of players on the map.



The snipe spots on each side of the map, as well as the good selection of snipers in the game, made this map a popular one.

Resistance is set in a Parisian town, with an iconic Eiffel Tower backdrop, but isn’t anywhere near as pristine as its setting would suggest.

Due to the long lines of sight on either side of the map, Resistance became somewhat of a haven for snipers, but conversely was brilliant for close-quarters combat everywhere else. Needless to say, the idea of running an Overkill class with two primary weapons in Modern Warfare on Resistance sounds pretty exciting.

Dome (MW3)

Dome is a small map that offered slightly more than other small maps like Rust.

Another small map from Infinity Ward, Dome was absolutely hectic and is severely underrated as far as small maps go, with a slightly more complex structure than the likes of Rust and Nuketown.


It was remade in Ghosts and named Unearthed, but a direct remake could be a good fit for Modern Warfare which, besides Rust and Shipment, is lacking in small, close-quarters maps.


Backlot made for a fantastic Search and Destroy map, with various nade spots and lines of sight that kept the meta fresh.

The only map from Call of Duty 4 on this list, Backlot made for a fantastic medium-sized map, especially for Search and Destroy.

A beloved map for competitive players, the map is well-balanced and offers various ways to play, keeping it fresh across all game modes whether you prefer to hold a lane and snipe, or flit between buildings with an MP5 in-hand.

Not to mention, if you get those spawn nades down, you can make an absolute mockery of your opponent with just a frag grenade and decent positioning.


Scrapyard’s variation on the traditional three-lane structure made it feel familiar while offering players something slightly new and inventive.

Scrapyard is a map that has gone slightly under the radar since the days of Modern Warfare 2 have started to slip from our memories, not quite as popular as the likes of Highrise and Terminal but still a seriously good map.

It has three well-defined lanes, each with its own interesting meta-game which means you can play it completely different every time you spawn in.

It can already be seen in Ground War map Zhukov Boneyard, across the B and C flags, so many fans are already theorizing that it’s on its way – definitely a welcome addition to the map pool.

Infinity Ward
Season 2 of Modern Warfare already brought Rust along with it, but there’s always room for more.

This is far from a complete list of maps we’d love to see brought back: Favela, Octane, Strike and Arkaden were all incredible maps that would be welcome additions to the map pool.

Of course, we won’t know if Infinity Ward plans on reviving more maps from yesteryear until they start releasing teasers or make a full announcement, but the idea of having any of these maps back is definitely an interesting prospect.

The reception of the classic maps that have returned already is a good indication that CoD fans love to have their old favorites back, so Infinity Ward will no doubt seek to bring back more, as well as creating new and original maps that will be considered classics in the not-too-distant future.