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Fan theory suggests Modern Warfare Warzone is imminent: Fact or Fiction?

Published: 24/Feb/2020 16:55

by Paul Cot


When is Call of Duty‘s Modern Warfare Warzone releasing? The question that is on every CoD fans mind. The latest rumor suggests its release could be imminent – with a February 25 release date suggesting the game could be out tomorrow.

Ever since Modern Warfare Season 2 begun, speculation has been rife as to when the inevitable battle royale mode would arrive. We are now approaching the two-week mark though, and nothing, at least officially, has been revealed.

Friday, February 14 had initially been touted as hype for the new mode reached fever pitch. After all, a brand new battle royale game to enjoy seemed the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.


Modern Warfare Battle Royale Warzone
Infinity Ward
Call of Duty fans are desperate for an official announcement of Warzone.

February 25 release date?

That weekend came and went, however, and although the hype is still very much there, it has dampened somewhat. The excitement could be about to ramp up again though, as the latest rumors suggest February 25, the day after writing, is when Warzone could drop.

This rumor is purely speculative but the evidence is certainly encouraging. It comes courtesy of ModernWarzone, which is affiliated with the popular subreddit, too.

“We have evidence that leads us to STRONGLY believe that #Warzone will be released on Tuesday 2/25 barring a live launch at PAX East,” the first tweet of a thread explaining why Warzone could be coming tomorrow, said.


PAX East has three booths, two of which are listed as Modern Warfare while the other is intriguingly listed as COD. ModernWarzone speculates this is evidence that Warzone will indeed be a stand-alone game that can be downloaded separately to Modern Warfare.

More evidence Warzone could come tomorrow

Interestingly the only booth listed as COD shares space with other games that have, or are, battle royale games – CSGO and PUBG. “This is presumably to show the technical ability to run these games, especially considering that PUBG runs like sh*t on any computer. #Warzone will be the 1st 200-player BR.”

With 200 players competing for battle royale supremacy in Warzone, the booth listed is too small to fit this many players. This has led to speculation that the game will need to be released in order to be able to fill the lobbies.


ModernWarzone continued to put the pieces of the puzzle together, noticing that there is a Black Ops 3 event listed as well. This seems at least a little strange given the title released all the way back in 2015.

This led them to suggest it could be a placeholder for something else – with Warzone the only reasonable and believable suggestion.

While this may not end up being the full release, it could be the lifting of the Media Embargo, meaning we would finally get some official details about Warzone. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but we can surely expect some Modern Warfare battle royale news soon.