KEEMSTAR’s Warzone Wednesday returns on April 1 for week two

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Infinity Ward / via KeemPark

Streaming royalty and celebrity guests are headed for another clash in the second week of Warzone Wednesday on April 1, hosted by YouTube star Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem.

For the inaugural Warzone Wednesday event, the trio made up of JoshOG, HusKerrs and Diegosaurs were able to pile up 369 eliminations on their way to collecting the winner-take-all pot of $20,000.

Now they’ll look to defend their top billing in the second week of the competition against new blood, and some familiar faces who’ll want to deny a back-to-back win for the triumphant streaming stars.

Teams playing in Warzone Wednesday Week 2

Infinity Ward
There’s going to be a ton of mayhem to be had in the upcoming Warzone tourney.

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Hosted by the KeemPark, the celebrity Pro-Am is going to add three fresh faces with a new team composed of DJ Steve Aoki, DrLupo and Wuskin.

They’ll round out the field of 16 teams that will load into the battle royale.

But the event organizers are also giving fans a chance to test their mettle against the star-studded field, with open invites now involved too.

Wednesday Warzone Teams
Team 1 TeePee, NoahJ456, Aydan
Team 2 SwaggerSouls, Fitz, BasicallyIDoWrk
Team 3 Avalanche, Classify, Froste
Team 4 Nadeshot, Cloakzy, CouRage
Team 5 JoshOG, HusKerrs, Diegosaurs
Team 6 Avxry, TypicalGamer, 72hrs
Team 7 FaZe, Adapt UglyGod, Censor
Team 8 Vikkstar123, ProSyndicate, Itz_WarsZ
Team 9 KingRichard, Ninja, TSM_Albralelie
Team 10 Symfuhny, Greekgodx, Andy Pyro
Team 11 NICKMERCS, Crimsix, SypherPK
Team 12 castro1021, LosPollosTV, bateson87
Team 13 dizzy, felo, trainwreckstv
Team 14 Lupo, Wuskin, Aoki
Team 15 summit1g, clayster, Emongg
Team 16 Zuckles, McCreamy, NoisyButters

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Starting April 1, anyone will be able to sign up to compete for a chance at the Play-In entry for the April 8 iteration of Warzone Wednesday.

The team made up of random fans will facilitate the tourney’s mission of being “a place where everyone can play with gaming legends, and perhaps become one,” according to the event organizers.

To be considered for the Play-In entry, players should submit their applications to the KeemPark website. Form entries will open Wednesday, April 1 at 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST and close on the following Tuesday at 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST.

The tournament organizers will contact those chosen to be a part of Week 3’s Warzone Wednesday by Tuesday evening at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST.

Infinity Ward
Stream stars are bound to create exciting content in Warzone Wednesday.

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For some, this will be a chance to make a name for themselves. For others, it’s an opportunity to play alongside some of the biggest names in broadcasting.

Veteran streamers like NICKMERCS, Ninja, and CourageJD will be present, along with esports stars like Dallas Empire’s CrimSix, Clayster, and Team SoloMid’s Albralelie.

The event is sure to produce another thrilling edition of Warzone Wednesday as big names throw down for the right to claim the $20,000 grand prize.

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