JoeWo shows off fastest TTK secondary on Rebirth Island and everyone hates it

Zackerie Fairfax

Warzone pro JoeWo uploaded a clip of Rebirth Island gameplay showing off the “fastest TTK secondary” and players hate how toxic it is.

Call of Duty: Warzone has a myriad of weapons to choose from, but this creates a problem where a number of weapons feel overpowered. It’s difficult to balance such a large arsenal, which leads to players endlessly complaining about certain weapons.

Once content creators like JGOD or JoeWo shine a light on these “broken” weapons, you can expect to see them a lot more often in-game. Whether they stay meta or not depends entirely on how they perform.

In some instances, these “meta weapons” are hated by the community and can cause a number of players to leave the game until it’s fixed. And that might be the case for an explosive secondary that streamer JoeWo recently highlighted on Twitter.

JoeWo shows off hated Panzerfaust secondary

JoeWo uploaded a clip to Twitter showing how he dominates Rebirth Island with the Panzerfaust. This rocket launcher secondary packs a mean punch and has a fairly quick reload time to boot.

In the clip, Joe takes out an entire squad in less than 30 seconds with only a handful of rockets. It only takes one rocket to down each player making this launcher a one-shot-kill in solos.

But his fans and fellow streamers weren’t happy with him exposing this weapon. Many users claimed they’d be taking a break from Rebirth for a few days knowing people would be using the new rocket meta.

“Why are you showing the world this! As if rebirth wasn’t bad enough with stacking!” one user commented, while another stated, “Getting off Rebirth for at least two weeks. Thanks Joe.”

There are a number of reasons why players fear the Panzerfaust catching on so quickly. It’s fairly easy to unlock, doesn’t have attachments for players to grind for, and its lack of recoil makes sure you never miss your target.

So, if you happen to get blown up over the next few days, you can thank Joe for that. You can also thank him for teaching players about the fastest TTK Type 100 loadout which might come in handy against rocketeers.

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